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Introducing the Bunny Brunel Electric Upright Bass

The Bunny Brunel Signature Series Electric Upright Bass
Hi my name is Bunny Brunel and I would like to talk to you about my Electric Upright Bass.

(Accepted on most airlines)
(Fits in most cars in optional soft case)

I designed this instrument trying to replace the cumbersome acoustic bass.  The problem is when you go around the world sometimes if you are going from a big city to a small city they have smaller planes and I cannot take the big acoustic bass.

So this is a lot smaller and easier to carry around and it is accepted on most planes because it's only, with the case about 20" x  10" x 67" so it goes on any plane usually.
So on top of that, nowadays you have those drummers that play really loud, so I can play louder than them because I have no feedback problem, I just raise the level.

(Made with ecologically harvested wood)

This is all mahogany and it's cultivated, it's from Indonesia and I'm not cutting any rainforest which is great.  Same thing with ebony macassar fingerboard and the bridge which is the same way.

(Touch sensitive piezzo pressure pickup system designed by Rick Turner)

The piezzo system that I have is something that was designed quite awhile back. We were trying to find the best way to do for acoustic bass a pickup that would pick up the sound without making it electric bass sounding, and I am using the same system on this bass.

(Russ Allee/Brunel active electronics with volume control, bass control cut and boost, treble control cut and boost, and midrange control cut and boost for a very versatile choice of sounds)

For the preamp I asked the amazing Russ Allee, he's the one who invented the acoustic amplifier, the 360 like Jaco was using was designed by Russ Allee, so I asked Russ to design the preamp for me, and we really dialed it exactly for acoustic bass sounding not electric bass, so this is a really really good preamp for that.

So because of that you get that sound with the 50 cycle attack, that kind of sound where you get the pop first and then you get the sound going on, without a compressor you get that real sound like acoustic basses do.  The first thing you hear on acoustic bass is that attack.  So I have that with the pick up and the preamp and all that.
So I also designed instead of putting the body, I designed to put it on the stand, cause in the beginning I had a peg going out  from the bottom and then I had a piece on the side to hold it and I decided, no, let's do something that makes more sense.  You have an instrument that is smaller you may as well put it on a stand like that it doesn't move at all and then I just put a couple of dots right there for the octave.

(Small markers on the high register to compensate for the missing body for positioning)
(Small markers on the side to help beginners and electric bass players who want to switch to electric upright bass)

Like that you play in tune even better than trying to figure out putting the forearm on the body and all that.
Most acoustic bass players are thinking "on man it's gonna be-" no no, it takes you a couple of days, a week maximum to get used to it, it's not that bad.
The necks are D necks.  A D neck is when you put your thumb on the heel right there if you put your figure here you have a D on the G string.
And this is a 41 1/4 scale which is the standard.  Everybody uses 3/4 size basses, there's only a few people that are attempting using a 4/4 but that makes big basses, all the standard that everybody uses is 3/4 and the scale for that is 41 1/4" and that's what it is.

(3/4 size upright bass with an Italian-style "D" neck)

So for somebody that plays acoustic bass if, you know your positions are gonna be the same.
Now because I wanted to have people that play electric bass to be able to play it, then not only I put a couple of dots here on the front on the C, D, E right there but I put all the fret markers on the side, like that if you're somebody who never played before you can just look and and try to practice and get used to stretching because that's what it is basically.  When you play an acoustic bass because of the 41 1/4" scale you have to stretch, but you can practice and play.

(Adjustable to provide an action range from a very high, to and electric bass type action)
And on top of it I made the action that it's pretty low right now.  This one is kind of low this one, I put wheels right there you can raise it as high as you want.  Some people they like to dig in you know, so they want it higher, it's pretty easy you turn equally on each side.

This, as I say this bass is a  41 1/4" scale so these are actual acoustic bass strings.  These are the top of the line "La Bella" strings.

(Comes pre-strung with high-end acoustic bass strings by La Bella)

This is a gloss black one and this one has a particularly very low action. As I said I like to have electric bass players to be able to play that, even if they've never played any acoustic bass before.  

Most of the time people are trying an acoustic bass and the action is so high they cannot play at all.  These basses can go very low.

(Extra low action set up available for an additional charge)

This one is really really low, it's about maybe, not even a quarter of an inch there, so it's like butter.

So this bass sounds great with the fingers.  The sustain, there is a very big sustain but what's great is like if you pick up the bow, you can play with a bow with it, so I'm gonna pick up the bow and do it.

(Use a bow just like an acoustic bass)

Very nice sound, you go on the upper register, almost sounds like a cello right there it's a really beautiful sound.  
Most electric upright bass, people can't really play with a bow it doesn't sound that good.  This is really really nice, really nice sounding bass with the bow.  I personally think it sounds better with the acoustic one I really love it.  So any how, you can play with the bow or play with your fingers without having to change anything.

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