made with Eco friedly wood

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your bass different from other electric upright basses on the market?

The main difference is the way the Rick Turner pressure-system pickup recreate the 50 cycles attack of an acoustic bass. It doesn't just pickup the sound of the note, but the attack followed by the note, with a great sustain, exactly replicating the sound of a real acoustic bass. On top of this, you can actually use a bow, just like a contrabasse.

Also, The BB Signature Series Electric Upright Bass is different because it was designed by a bass player! World-renowned bassist, Bunny Brunel has over 35 years of experience, not only playing with legendary masters, but many years of design expertise, having designed a successful Signature Series electric bass for Carvin.

You will find that the The BB Signature Series Electric Upright Bass is actually very easy to use for electirc bass players, even if you have never played a fretless bass before, because of the fret markers on the side, and ability to adjust the action from very low electrric bass style to high, classical upright bass.

Unlike other electric upright basses on the market, The BB Signature Series Electric Upright Bass boasts a full 3/4 size bass, with a 41 1/4 scale and a D neck

How long will it take for my bass to arrive?
Your bass will normally ship within 7 - 10 business days.

Can you make custom colors or custom sculpting?
Yes, your bass can be ordered in any color. Additional charge may apply.  Custom sculpting is available at an addition charge. See the Lion Head pictures for samples.

Will the bass be accepted as standard luggage on an airplane?
Yes, unlike an acoustic bass that most likely wont be accepted on an airplane, The BB Signature Series Electric Upright Bass will travel well on an airplane in a flight case. You may have to pay an overweight charge.

Do you sell lefty versions?
Yes, a lefty version can be special ordered  and will ship within 4-6 weeks.

Does the bass come with a case?
Yes, The BB Signature Series Electric Upright Bass is shipped in a hard-shell case inside a cardboard box. Soft-shell gig bags coming soon. Flight cases will soon be available for order for an additional charge.

Can you use a bow with this instrument?
Yes, you can use a bow just like an acoustic bass.  An easy access switch on the front of the instrument allows you to quickly change EQs when playing with the bow.

Can you make me a bass without the dots?
Yes, this can be special ordered and will ship within 4-6 weeks.

Does the bass ship ready to play?
Yes, it comes strung and action adjusted to your specification. Each bass is personally inspected by Bunny Brunel prior to shipment.

Do you need a peg to hold the bass?
No, the bass is on a stand that is perfectly adjustable to any position.

What is the weight of the bass?
The bass itself weighs 30 lbs with the stand and all hardware. The hardshell case weighs 20 lbs.

What forms of payment do you accept?
MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, cashier's checks and bank wires.

What is the shipping charge?
Wthin the US approximately $100, overseas $500 and up.

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